Parish Events

Feast Day Celebration
The feast day of the patron saint of our parish, Saint Joseph of Cupertino, is a natural event for our community. Celebration activities are held on the Sunday nearest September 18th. In past years, an outdoor mass was celebrated followed by a parish barbecue and games. Today, the celebration includes wonderful food from the diverse family groups in our parish and activities for all. Enjoy! [top]

Saint Joseph of Cupertino School is supported in part by Bingo played in the school auditorium. This is a wonderful gathering where players meet new friends and old. Bingo Organized by the Holy Name Society and the Knights of Columbus, the games are held Mondays and Saturdays from 6 to 10 p.m., with an Early Bird seating from 6 to 6:30. For more information, contact a Holy Name Society representative at 408/418-8516 or a Knights of Columbus representative at 408/253-3213. [top]

Saint Patrick's Day Dance
This is an annual event held in the parish hall on the Friday closest to Saint Patrick's Feast Day (March 17th). A traditional dinner of corned beef, cabbage, and potatoes is served, and dancing follows the dinner. This event, too, is sponsored by the Holy Name Society. The date for the event and information regarding the sale of tickets is published in the weekly parish bulletin in advance of the event. [top]

Thanksgiving Food Drive
This annual event is cosponsored by the Outreach team, the Holy Name Society, and Cupertino Community Services. Volunteers working with students from Saint Joseph of Cupertino Parish School collect donations and assemble them into boxes for families and individuals. The food boxes - each with a frozen turkey - are distributed from the Parish Hall on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving Day to recipients pre-qualified by Cupertino Community Services. [top]

Annual Auction for our Parish School
This event is held during the spring semester. Local merchants, parishioners, and student families donate services, new items, and high quality used items for the auction. This is one of the major fund raising events sponsored by our parish school to fund school operations and keep tuition to a minimum. [top]

Annual Parish Fun Festival
Every fall the parish hosts a traditional carnival with rides, food booths, games, and great entertainment. The event runs from Friday through Sunday, and welcomes the entire community onto our campus. Student families have invested many volunteer hours to bring this event back after 30 years, and it has become the second key fund raiser for the parish school. [top]

Dia de los Muertos Celebration
The Day of the Dead is celebrated on All Souls Day, November 2nd. A traditional altar honoring the dead and typical of Mexico, is placed in the Community Center to display the symbols used on this day. This celebration is the product of two traditions: the Spanish and the Aztec; it is a mixture of the Christian devotions and the Pre-Hispanic traditions and beliefs that had been practiced for at least 3,000 years. More... [top]

Annual Thank You Party for Volunteers
Volunteers are essential to the workings of the parish. Every year the parish staff puts on a party and dinner to honor those who donate their time and energy for the good of the parish. All volunteers are welcome to RSVP for a free dinner and a good time. [top]

Our Lady of Guadalupe
A special celebration is held each December on or near the 12th, the feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe. A special bilingual mass is celebrated with traditional Mexican music. Mass is followed by a Mexican style dinner. These festivities are open to all. [top]

Simbang Gabi
Simbang Gabi is one of the oldest and most popular among the Filipino traditions in the Philippines. Simbang Gabi is a nine-day novena to the Blessed Mother. The novena begins December 16, as early as 4 in the morning, and culminates with the "Misa de Gallo" on Christmas Eve to welcome the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. Our Parish typically hosts two night masses of the novena. [top]

Chinese Lunar New Year
Our annual Chinese New Year celebration usually takes place in February or March. The mass blends expressions of Christian faith with traditional elements of Chinese culture and includes a ceremony to honor the ancestors. Following the mass, parishoners enjoy Chinese food and entertainment in the parish hall. All are invited. [top]

Welcome Mass
Our parish community welcomes new parishioners with a special Mass and Social Time afterward. The Welcome Mass is held quarterly starting in February. See the calendar and special events page for details. All are invited to meet and greet our newest members! [top]

Other annual activities include the parish golf tournament (summer), the rotating shelter for homeless men (each July), and the blessing of the animals (fall).

A host of activities are sponsored by other parish communities and by the Diocese of San José and are announced in the diocese's newspaper, The Valley Catholic, in our weekly bulletin and on the Special Events page.