Liturgy Planning Committee
This committee is composed of representatives of the liturgical ministries of the parish as well as representatives of the community at large. Members gather ten times a year to plan the implementation of the celebrations of the liturgical year. For more detail go the the Liturgy Committee page.

Communications Ministry Committee
The communications committee was established in 2006 and is dedicated to community building, coordination among parish groups and encouraging participation in parish activities by the dissemination of information to parish members. For more detail go to the Communications Ministry page.

Welcoming Committee
The welcoming committee was established in 2007. The welcoming committee is focused on connecting with our newest parish members, providing them with information about the parish and its activities, all in a positive and embracing atmosphere. For more detail go to the Welcoming Committee page.

Social Committee
The social committee was established in 2008. Our social committee is at the center of planning efforts for a variety of social activities for all our members. For more detail go to the Social Committee page.

Join a Committee!
All parishioners are welcome to attend committee meetings. Parishioners are invited to join any committee where they can make a contribution. For more detail, visit the pages for each committee.