Saint Joseph of Cupertino Parish uses an envelope contribution system that allows those enrolled to obtain a year-end-statement of their contributions. Everyone who takes part in this optional service provided by the parish is mailed quarterly packs of envelopes bearing an identifying number. You may register for the envelope system by contacting the parish office at 408/252-7653.

Automated OnLine Giving

Saint Joseph of Cupertino Parish also uses an automated giving program through ParishSOFT LLC. ParishSOFT's myowngiving is a third party service which allows donors to set up and manage automatic transfers to the parish without setting up a formal bank transfer. This service provides an online web interface for the donor to control the automatic transfer, and allows the user to obtain reports at any time. Signing up for automated giving is easy and anyone can do it even if not formally registered with the parish office. Go to our Automated Giving Page, or contact the parish office for a printed form and the staff can set it up for you. Special automated electronic giving offertory slips are available in the vestibule of the church and on our website for you to fill out and drop in the collection basket if and when needed.

Previously, our Parish used ParishPay for automated giving. If you need to change your giving method from ParishPay, please use this link.

Bank AutoPay

Your bank may provide automatic payment or transfer services. Contact your bank and the parish office for the necessary details.

Use of the Envelope System, Parish Pay or Bank AutoPay services are encouraged as they provide documentation to support parishioners' tax deductions.

Wills and Bequests

Please call the parish office and we will direct you to the staff member who can assist you with your charitable gift.

Diocese of San José - Annual Diocesan Appeal

Our Parish, Our Diocese - Together in Christ

You can support the Diocese of San José's ADA through Automated OnLine Giving. Please make your giving on behalf of St Joseph of Cuptertino Parish.

Diocese of San José Endowment and Capital Campaign
Rooted in Faith - Embracing Our Future

To strengthen the foundation of our Diocese and sustain its ability to adequately support the ministries, education and needs of all the parishes, an endowment and capital campaign has been initiated. The campaign has currently raised pledges for funds during the leadership phase. The campaign is now in the broader participation phase in our parish. To learn more about the campaign, please follow this link to The Catholic Foundation of Santa Clara County.