Stewardship Council

Executive Roles in the Stewardship Council

Parish Stewardship Coordinator [3 yr term] - This lay volunteer coordinates the overall program and is also the Chairperson of the Stewardship Council. The Coordinator/Chairperson:
  • Organizes the Stewardship Council.
  • Coordinates, with the pastor, implementation of the parish program. Schedules monthly meetings and prepares the agenda.
  • Coordinates with sub-committee chairs to ensure activities are progressing as planned.
  • Oversees an annual parish self-evaluation.
  • Assists in recruiting lay speakers for the parish lay witness program.
  • Reports to the Parish Pastoral Council on the activities of the Stewardship Council.
Parish Time and Talent Coordinator [3 yr term] - This person is responsible for coordinating the time and talent aspects of the parish program and:
  • Creates an annual time and talent catalog for the parish. This catalog can also list the services available to homebound parishioners.
  • Ensures every volunteer is responded to and thanked. This is usually accomplished through the various ministry/activity leaders.
  • Provides the time and talent catalog to the Hospitality Committee so that copies can he provided to new parishioners.
  • Coordinates annual parish Time and Talent Fairs. Assisting in drafting pastor's Time and Talent letters.
Communications Coordinator [3 yr term] - This person often remains a permanent member of the Stewardship Council. Duties are to:
  • Provide all printed material for Stewardship activities.
  • Coordinate parish bulletin insertions.
  • Coordinate pulpit announcements.
  • Coordinate newsletter articles.
  • Coordinate all program mailings in conjunction with the Sacrificial Giving and Time and Talent Coordinators.

Executive Members

Position Name
Stewardship Coordinator L. T. Guttadauro
Time and Talent Coordinator Robin Guttadauro
Communications Coordinator Marieann Shovlin

Stewardship Council

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