Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I found an error in the website, how can it be corrected?
A: Send a request to web site support describing the error, what page it's on and a recommended correction. The web team will make the correction shortly.

Q: How can something new be added to the web site?
A: Send a request to web site support outlining what is to be added along with any proposed text, graphics and photos. The web team and communications ministry will consider each request and act accordingly. Please include your contact information so that we may discuss the proposal in detail. [top]

Q: How can I make the text larger?
A: There are several ways to increase or decrease the text size. On the top right corner of each page is a Text Size adjuster (AAA), click on the large A to make the text larger and the small A to make the text smaller. On the bottom center of each page is another Text Size adjuster [+ Font | - Font ], click on the [ + Font ] to make the text larger and the [ - Font ] to make the text smaller. To restore the page to original size text, use the web browser's 'Refresh' or 'Reload' function (F5 or CTRL + R).

The text size adjuster does not work on the calendar. To make the calendar page (or any page) larger, use your browser's zoom function. Both Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers work the same: Press the CTRL key and '+' key together to increase the whole page size, press the CTRL key and '-' key together to decrease the whole page size. Your browser may work differently. [top]

Q: How can I get back to the home page?
A: There are two ways to get back to the home page: 1) Use the menu link under 'Parish', selecting 'Home'. 2) Click on the stained glass window icon at the top left corner of each page. [top]

Q: How can parish related events be added to the calendar?
A: Contact the Calendar Event team providing the necessary details, an event contact person and your contact information so that we may contact you if there are any questions. [top]

Q: How can I find an event or room reservation on the calendar?
A: If you are having trouble finding an event, try using the 'Search' function button at the top of the calendar page just under the main menu. Click on 'Search' and type in anything related to the event, a list of matching events will be presented. Click on the event title to see more about the event. You can use the 'Select Category' drop-down to pick one category to show.

If you can't find or see the facility or room reservations, first login to the calendar using the Guest login details at the bottom of the calendar page and shown here: Calendar Guest Login
Once you are logged-in, all facility reservations are displayed. You can use the 'Select Category' drop-down to pick one category to show. Each room has a category. [top]

Q: I need to reserve a room or facility space at the Parish, how do I do this?
A: Contact the Parish Office by calling 408/252-7653 and make your request. Some spaces are rented and others may be free to parish organizations. [top]

Q: I can see the Parish Events Coming Soon list, but how can I get more details and contact information about an event?
A: Click on the title of the event and a small window will open with all the published details. Click on the bar above the list to go directly to the calendar page. [top]

Q: What are the Web Browser and Computer System Requirements for best viewing of the web site?
A: Your computer screen resolution should be set to 800 x 600 minimum. Normal screen font size is recommended. Internet Web Browsers tested include: Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. Java script is used and must be enabled to see and use all features. [top]

Q: Who maintains the web site?
A: The SJC Communications Ministry's web team maintains the Parish web site. This is a volunteer team of skilled professionals who give their time and talent to support our parish community. [top]

Q: I have some web design or IT skills, can I help?
A: Certainly, please contact the Communications Ministry or attend their monthly meeting and introduce yourself. Many hands make light work! [top]