Stewardship Council

Additional Stewardship Council Roles

Parish Sacrificial Giving Coordinator [3 yr term] - This person is responsible for coordinating the sacrificial giving aspects of the program and:
  • Tracks the giving trends in the parish.
  • Coordinates the sacrificial giving portion of the initial program. Is responsible for the annual renewal of sacrificial giving. Prepares the draft of the pastor's treasures letter.
Conservation Coordinator [3yr term] - Conservation is responsible for the preservation and incorporation of parishioner's gifts of time, talent and treasure into the life of the parish. The specific tasks of the Conservation Coordinator are:
  • To coordinate the initial parish self-assessment.
  • To coordinate the annual parish self-assessment in order that progress of the Stewardship program can be measured.
  • Through the assessment process, track parish trends in ministry. activities and sacrificial giving.
  • Often, completes tasks in support of some of the duties listed under the Secretary/Bookkeeper.
Secretary/Bookkeeper [2 yr term] - This person coordinates data for the Stewardship program by:
  • Updating the parish list.
  • Placing the Stewardship announcements in the bulletin, as directed.
  • Recording intention cards of the parishioners. (Sometimes performed by the Sacrificial Giving Coordinator)
Lay Witness Coordinator [2yr term] - The lay witness program is where outside speakers, parishioners, or a combination of the two, present a personal testimony of the meaning of Stewardship in their lives at all masses during one or two weekends of the Action Phase of Stewardship Educational Program, "STEP". Duties of the Lay Witness Coordinator include:
  • If appropriate, present lay witness testimony at masses.
  • Coordinate the selection and training of volunteer parish lay witnesses.
  • Act as the host for visiting lay witness presenters, if outside presenters are used.
Pastoral Council Representative [2 yr term] - The duties of the Pastoral Council Representative are to:
  • Act as the representative of the Pastoral Council to the Stewardship Council.
  • Keep the Pastoral Council informed of the activities of' the Stewardship Council during the Active Phase of the initial STEP or annual renewals.
Logistics Coordinator [1 yr term] - This person is responsible for providing all types of logistics support (volunteers and material) to the other members of the Council. Specific duties are:
  • In coordination with the Lay Witness Coordinator, arrange accommodations for guest lay witnesses, if necessary.
  • Provide logistics support to other Council members, as requested.
  • If requested, assist other Council members in recruiting volunteers to accomplish specific program tasks.
Prayer Coordinator [1 yr term] - The Prayer Coordinator develops the prayer program in support of the initial STEP and also for the annual renewals of time, talent and treasure. The prayer program can be as simple or as complex as the Council desires. Duties depend on the scope of the prayer program desired by the Council and can include:
  • Recommending for approval by the pastor and Council the components, scope and content of the prayer program that will be used to support STEP and the annual renewal efforts.
  • Coordinate Prayers of the Faithful at masses.
  • Develop the prayer program for the active phase of STEP.
  • If desire, develop a parish-unique Stewardship prayer for the parish in support of the active phase of STEP.
  • Coordinate with the Parish Liturgy Committee to integrate Stewardship songs into the parish liturgies.
Ethnic Community Coordinator [2 yr term] - Coordinates all aspects of the STEP activities as they will apply to the cultural community, to include:
  • Translation of program materials.
  • Coordination and hosting ethnic lay witnesses, if used.
  • Coordinating with all Council members to ensure all aspects of the STEP apply meaningfully to the ethnic community.
Other Responsibilities - Depending on whether or not the parish is coordinating an intensive effort or other factors, specific responsibilities may be assigned to volunteers for short periods of time. Some examples are:
  • Telephone Follow-up. Follow-Up for non-respondents to an intensive parish effort.
  • Parish events/publicity. May assist in Time and Talent Fair, or other activities.
  • Envelope coordinator. Directs program to increase parishioner use of envelopes.

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